Marin Engine


Marin Engine powers Marin's newest and most advanced grids and enables new campaign types, more data, more flexible reporting, and enhanced processing for scalability. Now, our teams have been hard at work updating the Marin Engine infrastructure to deliver a powerful experience for advertisers.

Want to learn more about the Marin Engine enhancements we have in store? Read on for more.


New Campaign Types 

Marin Engine allows us to support additional campaign types from Google, including:

  • Performance Max campaigns: Goal-based campaigns that allow access to all Google Ads inventory from a single campaign (YouTube, Display, Search, Discover, Gmail, and Maps).
  • Local campaigns: Promote local stores across Google Search Network, Maps, YouTube, and the Google Display Network.

Marin Engine will also enable additional metrics for Video campaigns.

More Data

With the release of Marin Engine, Marin will pull in revenue data for the following objects:

We’ll also be able to add more cost data for Responsive Ads on new non-keyword criteria like Custom Segments.

Data Quality Improvements

In addition to adding more data, cost and publisher revenue will be improved as they pull from the group level and are closer to publisher data.


Microsoft publisher revenue will now be viewable side-by-side with Google for all clients. 

Intraday Data

Marin Engine sets the foundation to sync intraday data every four to six hours. Currently, Marin's intraday functionality supports cost data from Google and Microsoft and conversion/revenue data from Marin Tracker or Google Analytics.

  Support Schedule
Cost Google & Microsoft Every four hours, based on the time zone of your client account
Marin Tracker All Publishers Every four hours (custom setting), based on the time zone of your client account
Google Analytics All Publishers Every four hours, based on the time zone of your client account

*Note: Intraday requires additional enablement from Marin Engine. Please reach out to your dedicated Marin account representative if you would like intraday support. 

Fractional Conversions And Revenue

Marin Engine can accept fractional conversions from third-party attribution tools or our own Marin Tracker-based modeling for more accurate tracking of conversion credits.

More Flexible Reporting

Using Marin Engine's reporting, you can:

  • Cross-tabulate dimensions up to three levels
  • Create cross-client reports by client name AND client tag 
  • Use sophisticated device segmentation and network segmentation 
  • See date of click and date of conversion data in a single grid or a single report 
  • View Lost Impression Share reporting
  • See SKU-level reporting cross-publisher (Google & Amazon)


  • Complex Queries: Marin Engine makes it easy to see all keywords across campaigns, accounts, and even publishers. Large accounts can process analysis faster than ever.
  • Bigger Accounts: Marin Engine meets the needs of the world’s biggest search marketers, streamlining reporting and campaign management, even with millions of objects.

Written by Marketing @ Marin Software

Last published at: January 18th, 2024