Buttons In The Grid

Understanding the Action Buttons that are available on the Grid will allow you to manage and make changes to your objects quickly, and easily.

Action Buttons 

Above the Grid you’ll notice a number of buttons that allow you to take action in the grid – we call these Action Buttons. These buttons differ somewhat between Marin and Marin Search, so we'll outline each accordingly.

  • Resume – If you want to resume any paused keywords, campaigns, or other object, this button will tell Marin to let the publishers know to resume those.
  • Pause – Pause any campaign, ad group, keyword or creative with this button and Marin will push the change to all publishers.
  • Sync – Did you know that Marin automatically syncs to your Publisher each night so your information stays up to date? Well, if you decide to make changes directly in your Publisher account instead of Marin, you’ll need to run a manual sync to make sure all data stays up to date. So, here’s a little tip: to keep things simple, its best to always make your changes in Marin. 
  • Edit – Selecting this button will allow you to make edits to any single campaign, keyword, or creative – or to entire groups of them all at once. Want to change your bids, or add them to a dimension? Edit them with this button.

Written by Marketing @ Marin Software

Last published at: January 18th, 2024