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On this page you'll find detailed descriptions of the various topics you can learn more about within Marin Social, along with links to further reading where available. Some of the topics have training videos included. Simply click the Play button below to watch the video. For the best experience, we recommend watching in full-screen by either clicking the relevant button or simply double-clicking the video itself. 

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Once you've explored the various topics below, you may want to learn more about the various support and training options available for this platform area -- and we can help! Simply let your platform representative know about the specific topic you'd like to learn more about, and they'll explain how you can boost your platform knowledge and enhance your Marin Social experience. 


Before we get started, we have a short welcome message for you from Mickey Nguyen, our Senior Director of Customer Engagement.

Advanced Audience Training

Reviewing advanced audience strategies, auditing existing targeting, etc. 

Learning objectives

  • Demographic targeting
  • Creating website custom audiences
  • Leveraging clusters

Ad Operations & Optimization

Creating Facebook pixels in the platform, setting up third-party tracking, reviewing sync behavior, etc.

Learning objectives

  • Using Media Plans
  • Creating custom conversions
  • Reviewing sync behavior
  • Configuring third-party tracking and/or URL tags
  • Mass editing / Bulk Creator

Advanced Reporting Training

Pulling Reach & Frequency reports, configuring Report Templates, etc. 

Learning objectives

  • Report templates
  • Reach & Frequency reports
  • Creative analysis reporting
  • Audience reporting
  • All workflow recommendations are specific to their objectives 

Collection Ads

Collection Ads requirements, feed basics, support objectives, etc.

Learning objectives

  • Setup and best practices

Cross-Channel Strategies

Strategies and features making use of Search and Social working in tandem.

Learning objectives

  • Unified Reporting
  • Search Intent

Search Intent Part 1

Search Intent Part 2

Dynamic Product Ads (DPA)

Dynamic Product Ads requirements, feed basics, using the Dynamic Ads Wizard, different DPA modes, etc.

Learning objectives

  • Dynamic Ads Wizard
  • Creative Templates 

Dynamic Ads For Travel

Dynamic Travel Ads requirements, feed basics, using the Dynamic Ads Wizard, different DPA modes, etc. 

Learning objectives

  • Setup
  • Best Practices
  • Wizard
  • Creative Templates

Message Booster

Using Message Booster, Message Booster rules, creating Organic Posts, and optimizing organic content.

Learning objectives

  • The Community Manager role
  • Rules and where to apply them 
  • Organic content creation
  • Manual boost 
  • Best practices (separate Media Plan), etc.

Reach & Frequency Campaigns

Using and creating Reach & Frequency campaigns.

Learning objectives

  • Best objectives/situations for use
  • Limitations
  • Sequential advertising 

Store Visits Ads

Store Visits Ads, requirements, locations, optimization, etc.

Learning objectives

  • Setup and best practices
  • Add Business Location in Facebook Business Manager
  • Create campaign and ads (Page Post, Carousel)
  • Call to action
  • Shop Locator
  • Macros 

Written by Marketing @ Marin Software

Last published at: June 12th, 2023