"Invalid Parameter : Creative And Optimization_goal Mismatch"


Upon syncing objects in the Marin Social platform, you might encounter the following Sync error:

Invalid parameter : Creative and optimization_goal mismatch : The creative type contradicts to the optimization goal. The type of your creative has to be consistent with your optimization goal. Also please make sure your optimization goal is not NONE. (100) (1815159)


What Causes The Issue 

The Objective selected doesn’t match with the Facebook Bidding Optimization option.

For example, this error could occur if a Video Post Ad without an external clickable link has been boosted and the Facebook Bidding optimization selected is 'Optimized on Link Click and pay for Impressions.' As this ad does not contain a link that users can click on, Facebook can’t optimize for Link Click.

How To Fix The Issue 

Ensure that the selected Facebook optimization option is compatible with your ads. In tge case of our example above, you would need to complete the following steps to fix the issue:

1. Check the preview of your Ad and confirm that it contains an external and clickable link.

  • Select the campaign.
  • Click on Preview and check whether you can see an external clickable link.
  • In case there is no external clickable link and you want to use an optimization option, which requires this link, add an external clickable link.

2. Check the optimization settings at the ad set level.

  • Click on the campaign name to go to the ad set level. 
  • At the ad set level, click on the Bid/Optimization options.
  • Ensure that the optimization option is compatible with your ads. For example, if your ads do not contain an external clickable link and the optimization option 'Optimized on Link Click and Pay for Impressions' is selected, you will need to change 'Optimize on' to another option, click on Apply, select the ad set, and sync it again.

Written by Marketing @ Marin Software

Last published at: May 4th, 2023