"Fail To Create Post. (#100) Child_attachments[5]"


When syncing objects in the Marin Social platform, you might encounter the following sync error:

Fail to create post. (#100) child_attachments[5][call_to_action][value][link] should represent a valid URL 


What Causes The Issue?

This issue is most commonly caused by the Destination URL introduced in the Description field or/and the Description field content introduced in the Destination URL field.

How To Fix The Issue

You will need to update the See more Display URL value by following the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the Media Plan.
  2. Click on the campaign that you wish to edit and select the appropriate Ad Set.
  3. Click on Mass Editor.
  4. Go to Card settings and click on the cards.
  5. Ensure that the Destination URL and Description fields contain the correct information. 
  6. Click on Ad to save your changes.
  7. Select the ad set that you have just edited and click on the blue Sync button.

Written by Marketing @ Marin Software

Last published at: May 4th, 2023