"Why Is The Target Size Set To 20?"


When generating targeting in the Bulk Creator, you may find that the target size of the audience is set to ’20’. Or, when navigating at the ad set level, you may see that a target size set to ’20’.

What Causes The Issue? 

When creating an audience, Facebook calculates the target size estimation and sends it to Marin. ’20’ is the minimum value that Facebook sends us, therefore, when you see ’20’ as the target size, it means that the audience is empty.

How To Fix The Issue 

Use the Mass Editor to review the targeting inclusion and exclusion and make sure they don’t cancel each other out or overlap too much.

If you are using custom audiences, navigate to Audience > Custom Audiences and use the Search Bar to look for the audiences that you’ve included in your targeting. From there, make sure the status of the audience is green and contains more than 20 users.

Written by Marketing @ Marin Software

Last published at: May 4th, 2023