Ad Extensions

Ad extensions allow you to expand your ad with additional information, giving your prospective customers more reasons to choose your business. These might come in the form of additional links below your ad (Sitelinks) or a quick-and-easy way to call your business (Call extensions), but regardless of which extension you choose, they're all designed to increase traffic, increase click through rate, and increase awareness of your business.

Marin Support 

Marin currently offers support of the following extension types; click on the extension name to learn more about that specific extension type. We plan to introduce full extension management support in Marin in the near future, so please check back periodically for updates. 

Extension Type Marin Support
Sitelinks Reporting & bulk management
Call extensions Reporting
Callout extensions Reporting
Mobile app extensions Reporting & bulk management
Location extensions Not supported

How To 

In Marin 

  1. In the left navigation bar, under Accounts, select Ads>Ad Extensions
  2. Once on the Ad Extensions grid, use the Extension Type column to differentiate between different types of extensions, such as sitelinks, call extensions, and more. 
  3. Above the grid, you'll see a toggle for either Ad Extension View or Association View.
  4. Ad Extension View will show you each of your extensions once, with performance data rolled up across all campaigns and groups that your extension is tied to.  
  5. Association View will show a single line-item for each extension + campaign/group association. For example, if your "Schedule a demo" sitelink is used in five different campaigns, you'll see five separate line-items for this sitelink, one for each campaign it's associated with. 
  6. While we don't yet offer full ad extension management in Marin, you can bulk upload extensions. Simply click the Upload button and use the drop-down to select the type of extension you'd like to upload. 

Written by Marketing @ Marin Software

Last published at: November 8th, 2023