Supported Google Ad Types

As the Google Ads platform grows and evolves over time, the publisher frequently creates all-new types of ads which you can use to reach your target audiences more effectively.

Our goal is always to support all Google ad types in the Marin platform, but this depends on various factors, including the availability of the Google API. For this reason, we've created the page you're looking at right now – and it's here that you can check the status of Marin's support for each one. 

We'll update this page regularly, so feel free to check back if you're wondering about support for a particular ad type. Have a question? Leave a comment below or reach out to your platform representative. 

Supported Google Ad Types 

Use the table below to check our support for a certain ad type. If we have a more in-depth article covering our support for a certain ad type, you'll be able to click its name to learn more. 

Ad Type Details Marin Support
Expanded Text Ads Twice the length of normal text ads, ETAs are designed to maximize your performance and presence on mobile search results. They feature a bigger headline and longer description.
✅ Create, Edit, Reporting
Responsive Search Ads RSAs are AI-generated ads created using up to 15 headlines and 4 descriptions.
✅ Create, Edit, Reporting
Shopping Ads In contrast to a text ad, which displays text only, Shopping ads show users a photo of your product, plus a title, price, store name, and more. These ads give users a strong sense of the product you're selling before they click the ad, which gives you more qualified leads.
✅ Create, Edit, Reporting
Local Inventory Ads Local Inventory Ads are designed to drive footfall to your physical stores by showing product availability close by.
✅ Create, Edit, Reporting
Image Ads Google Image Ads showcase your product or service in a visual way.
✅ Create, Edit, Reporting 
Expanded Dynamic Search Ads When a user searches Google with terms closely related to the titles and frequently used phrases on your website, Google Ads will use these titles and phrases to select a landing page and generate a clear, relevant headline for your ad. 
✅ Create, Edit, Reporting
Responsive Display Ads RDAs are AI-generated Display ads created automatically by combining the different headlines, descriptions, assets and images you provide.
✔️ Full interactive reporting
Gmail Ads

Gmail Ads are interactive ads that show at the top of your inbox tabs. Gmail Ads help you connect with potential customers in a more personal format.

Please note that Gmail Ads will become read only after July 1, 2021.

✔️ Read Only
Google Smart Shopping Smart Shopping combines the best of standard Google Shopping ads with Google Display Remarketing ads, giving you a chance to pull assets from your product feed and serve them up in different combinations across Google's networks.  ✔️ Full interactive reporting
Discovery Campaigns Delivery highly visual, personalized ad experiences to people who are ready to engage with your brand, based on Google's audience and customer intent signals.  ✅ Reporting only
Showcase Shopping Ads Group together a selection of related products and present them together to introduce your brand or business. Shoppers will be able to explore options from multiple retailers in listings with details including product names, prices, and ratings. ✅ Reporting only
App Campaigns Promote your apps across Google’s largest properties including Search, Google Play, YouTube, Discover on Google Search, and the Google Display Network. Just add a few lines of text, a bid, some assets, and the rest is optimized to help your users find you. ✅ Reporting only

Written by Marketing @ Marin Software

Last published at: June 27th, 2023