The "Brand Awareness" Objective


The Brand Awareness Objective is designed to help you increase awareness of your brand by targeting users who are likely to pay attention to your ads. This differs from other objectives in that your ultimate goal isn’t necessarily to get ad clicks, sales, or video views, but rather to simply increase your brand awareness. 

How To Use The Brand Awareness Objective 

When setting up campaigns via the standard workflow in Marin Social, you will find the Brand Awareness objective via the Objective drop-down menu, within the Branding sub-section.

When setting up the rest of your campaign, including ad sets, ensure that you select Brand Awareness in each Objective field -- including Default Objective within the campaign parameters area of the workflow. 

The following ad types are available for the Brand Awareness objective:

  • Bulk Page Post Creator
  • Page Posts Ads
  • Carousel ads

Note: The ad type for the Brand Awareness objective has to be a page post ad, it cannot be a mobile app ad. 

About The Estimated Ad Recall Lift Metric 

The Estimated Ad Recall Lift metric shows how many people Facebook estimates would remember seeing your ad if polled within two days. This optimization delivers your ad to people Facebook estimates will remember seeing your ad. Facebook selects people based on behavior and polling. 

You can learn more about this metric and Facebook's polling in their help article here.

Available Options For The Brand Awareness Objective 

Below we'll list the various options available when configuring the Brand Awareness objective for your campaigns via the usual workflow. 

  • Valid optimization goals:
    • Ad Recall Lift
  • Valid billing event: Impressions.
  • Valid placements:
    • Facebook
      • Feed
      • Suggested Video
      • Instant Article
      • Instream Video
      • Story
    • Instagram
      • Stream
    • Audience Network
      • Classic
      • Instream Video
    • Messenger
      • Messenger Home

Written by Marketing @ Marin Software

Last published at: December 20th, 2023