Facebook Messenger Inbox Ads


Messenger Inbox is where Facebook users receive private and group messages. Facebook Messenger Inbox Ads (formerly known as Messenger Home Ads) appear between conversations in the Messenger app; when someone clicks an ad, they will be sent to a detailed view within Messenger with a call-to-action that will take them to the destination you chose during ads creation.

You can use an image format in the Messenger Inbox placement to show off your product, service, or brand. Choose an interesting image of a product to encourage people to learn more or use an eye-catching photo to showcase your brand personality.

Marin Social offers support for Facebook Messenger Inbox Ads. In this article, we'll explain how to get started with Facebook Messenger Inbox Ads in Marin Social.

Important: Your campaign must include Facebook in order to deliver Messenger Inbox Ads.

Audiences created via the Audience Manager are meant to be used with all objectives, therefore, since Messenger placement is not compatible with all objectives, this option is grayed out or unavailable in the Audience Manager.

How It Works 

Messenger Inbox Ads appear in the Chats tab of the dedicated Facebook Messenger app. When a user chooses to tap on an ad, they will be sent to a detailed view of that ad within the Messenger app.

As of this writing, this ad type cannot contain video, however, image or image carousel ad units are available for use. 

Below, we'll outline the design, text, and technical recommendations for Messenger Inbox ads, as suggested by Facebook.

Design recommendations

  • File Type: JPG or PNG 
  • Ratio: 1:1 
  • Resolution: At least 1080 x 1080 

Text recommendations:

  • Primary Text: 125 characters 
  • Headline: 40 characters 

Technical requirements:

  • Maximum File Size: 30MB
  • Minimum Width: 254 pixels
  • Minimum Height: 133 pixels

Note: You are currently unable to crop your images, and likewise cannot upload unique creative for delivery in Facebook Messenger.


To get started with Messenger Inbox Ads in Marin Social, just follow these steps:

  1. First, begin the ad creation workflow as normal. 
  2. When you reach the stage for configuring your Facebook placement selections, select both Mobile Device Placement and Feed as options.
    Important: Your campaign must include Facebook in order to deliver Messenger Inbox Ads.
  3. Continue the ad creation process as normal, bearing in mind the image specs mentioned above. You can use the same audience targeting options as you would for any other Facebook ad.

Important Notes 

  • Your Messenger ads will only appear to people on mobile devices who are using the dedicated Facebook Messenger app.
  • When a user taps on one of your Messenger Inbox Ads, they'll be sent to the destination chosen when creating the ad. If this destination is a website, it will open in the Messenger browser.
  • If you’d like to measure conversions related to this ad unit, please include the Facebook Pixel on your webpage to track the conversion, and use the Outside Traffic or Conversions objectives.

Written by Marketing @ Marin Software

Last published at: December 20th, 2023