Google App Campaigns

What Are Google App Campaigns? 

App Campaigns use Google’s unique machine learning technology to help find the customers that matter most to you, based on your business goals — across Google Play,, YouTube and the millions of sites and apps in the Display Network.

Our platform support for Google App Campaigns is developing and includes reporting capabilities for these campaigns. See the next section to learn more about managing Google App Campaigns in Marin. 

Note: In MarinOne, you can sync in your Google App Campaigns in certain grids and tabs, such as the Devices tab. For additional details, please reach out to our support team.

Marin Support For Google App Campaigns 

Support for Google App Campaigns is in active development. Below is a summary of our current support for Google App Campaigns, but we'll update this article as updates are rolled out. 

  • You can use the platform's grid filters to view Google App Campaigns in the main Campaigns grid. Just filter for sub-type equals "App Campaign".
  • You're able to sync additional campaign settings to the platform, including App ID and Ad Descriptions.
  • Cost reporting for Google App Campaigns via the platform's built-in reporting tools.
  • At the moment, bidding support for Google App Campaigns is limited to Google smart-bidding only.
  • You can also edit budget, status and Smart Bidding ROAS/CPA target. 


Written by Marketing @ Marin Software

Last published at: May 31st, 2023