"There Is An Unsupported Collection Ad In This Ad Set"

What Is The Issue?

After importing objects in Marin Social, you may encounter this error:

There is an unsupported Collection Ad in this Ad Set.


What Causes The Issue?

You may encounter this error if you’ve created your Campaign, Ad Set, or Ad on Facebook and then imported it into Marin Social.

If the URL to which the call-to-action button or link in your Facebook Ad directs people contains “https://fb.com/canvas_doc/“, this means your ad contains an Instant Experience canvas. Your Campaign will be served as normal. You’ll see the metrics in Marin Social, but you’ll only be able to edit the settings on Facebook. The reason is that the Instant Experience is currently unsupported on Marin. 

How To Fix The Issue

If you wish to edit the ads from Marin Social, you must remove the Instant Experience or delete the ad. To do this:

  1. Edit the affected Ad.
  2. Edit the affected ad.
  3. Delete the Instant Experience.
  4. Save your new settings.
  5. Return to Marin Social.
  6. Select the relevant campaign.
  7. Click the Download from Publisher button in the menu bar.

Your campaign will be synced and you should now be able to edit your ad in Marin Social.

Written by Marketing @ Marin Software

Last published at: June 12th, 2023