My Facebook Campaign Is Not Delivering

What Is The Issue?

Your ads are not being delivered to prospective customers, meaning your campaigns may not be actively spending, nor are they actively bringing in customers. You can learn more about the possible causes of this issue below. 

What Causes The Issue?

If there are ads that are not serving, this could be an indication of a variety of root causes. Follow the troubleshooting steps below to determine the cause.

  1. At each level (campaign, ad set, and ad) confirm that the status is set to Play. You can check this in the Status column in the Grid.
    Hover over the icons in this column to learn more about the current status. If the campaign, ad set, or ad is set to Play, you will see a green, 'play' ('green triangle in a circle') icon. If the object is set to another status, hovering over the icon will give you additional information.
  2. Confirm that there are ads in the relevant campaign. If there are no ads, check out our Creating Facebook Ads in Marin Social guide to get started.
  3. Confirm that the ads are synchronized. You can check this in the Status column.
  4. Confirm that the ads have been approved by Facebook.
    Navigate to the ad level. In the Delivery Status column, you will see a 'No Entry' sign instead of the sync icon if the ad has not been approved. Hover over this icon to see a precise reason why the ad was disapproved by Facebook. 
  5. If this is a Dynamic Ad campaign, check that the product feed and product set have not been deleted
  6. If the post or ad contains a tag, confirm the entity that was tagged has accepted it. If the tag was not accepted, this will explain why an ad -- including an ad created by the Message Booster -- is not delivering.

Written by Marketing @ Marin Software

Last published at: June 12th, 2023