Yandex Bidding (Beta)

Marin supports the push of bid changes for Yandex keywords to Yandex. This includes changes made by the user (in single edit, multi-edit, and bulk edit modes), as well as automated bid changes using MarinOne Bidding.

How To Get Started

If you have an existing Yandex integration, you can begin to push bid changes to Yandex immediately.

To implement MarinOne bidding for your Yandex campaigns, you will need to already have a revenue integration in place for your Yandex data. Please talk to your platform representative for more information about this. If you already have such an integration in place, you can begin bidding on Yandex campaigns by adding them to Strategies. For more information, please read our MarinOne Bidding article.

Current Limitations

The following restrictions are currently in place for this functionality:

  • Bulk editing of exact match keywords for Yandex does not currently work. This is due to the presence of square brackets in the keyword text.

Additional Information

  • This change only impacts Yandex (and not other Channel Connect publishers). Bidding for other Channel Connect publishers will continue to work as it does (whereby MarinOne updates the Calculated Bid field).
  • Any other changes made to Yandex campaigns, groups, keywords (for example, Status) will not be pushed to the publisher and reflected only within MarinOne.

Written by Marketing @ Marin Software

Last published at: June 27th, 2023