Understanding the Conversion Window with Marin Tracker


Each client using Tracker has a conversion window that is set in the database. The default conversion window for a client is 30 days, however this window can be changed to suit each client's business needs. 

The platform uses the conversion window when creating the tracker revenue file and determining which conversions should be attributed. The conversion window tells the application the maximum number of days to look back to find an attributable click. If the application can not find an attributable click within the conversion window, then the conversion will not be attributed.

Example Of Conversion Window

For example, if a client has a conversion window of 30 days and the following are the actions for 2 users:

User A:

Date Action
2023-11-05 Paid Click
2023-11-20 Conversion

User B:

Date Action
2023-10-15 Paid Click
2023-11-01 Organic Click
2023-11-20 Conversion
  • The conversion for User A will be attributed to the Paid Click that occurred on 2011-11-05.
  • The conversion for User B will not be attributed because the Paid Click on 2011-10-15 falls outside of the conversion window.

Additional Notes

The conversion window can be lengthened, however it is not recommend as it can slowdown the processing of the Tracker Revenue file. Please get in touch with your Account Representative if you would like to make any changes to the conversion window.

Written by Marketing @ Marin Software

Last published at: June 8th, 2023