SiteCatalyst Implementation Checklist


Here are the prerequisite checks for SiteCatalyst implementation:

Adobe Site Catalyst Marin Features

Functionality SiteCatalyst
Search Query Report (available from Google) Y
Raw Search Query Reporting  
URL Builder Y
URL Auto Correct Y
Date of Click Reporting  
Date of Sale Reporting Y
Compatible with Call Tracking Vendors Y
Changes to destination URLs Y
Supports Multiple Conversion Types Y
Changes to Landing Pages  
Changes to Thank-you Pages  
Changes to Master JS Code Y
Upload by Order ID  
Product Feed Automation Y
Attribution Modelling  
Creative Level Tracking Y
Creative Testing Y
Placement Level Tracking Y
Keyword Expansion - Cross Publisher Y
Ad Scheduling Reccomendation  

Written by Marketing @ Marin Software

Last published at: June 4th, 2023