HubSpot Integration

Integrate your HubSpot CRM data into Marin for greater customer journey intelligence

Marin’s integration with HubSpot enables Marin customers to integrate their CRM and campaign data into one, unified dataset to report across the entire customer lifecycle. This integration provides a comprehensive view that extends beyond online interactions and website activities to include customer insights – such as customer lifetime value, offline, and repeat purchases – hidden within the CRM data. With this integration, Marin users can make data-driven decisions based on real-time data and improve the efficiency of their marketing practices.

By aligning HubSpot's CRM data with campaign data in Marin, the integration provides marketers a comprehensive understanding of customer behaviors, interactions, and preferences. This holistic view empowers marketers to fine-tune advertising strategies, drive personalized experiences, and optimize bidding for optimal results.


  • All-in-One View: The integration creates a unified dashboard that aggregates data from both HubSpot and major publishers like Google, Meta, and Microsoft. This comprehensive view simplifies performance tracking, enhancing decision-making through a single, AI-powered interface.
  • Simplified Workflow: Manual data aggregation and normalization become things of the past. The integration automates these processes, eliminating errors, saving time, and streamlining the workflow for marketing professionals.
  • Intelligent Bidding: Armed with deeper customer insights, marketers can set bids with greater precision. This intelligence ensures that advertising budgets are invested where they generate the most significant impact, ultimately maximizing return on investment.

Getting Started

If you're interested in connecting HubSpot to your Marin instance, please reach out to a platform representative to learn more.

Written by Kelsey Kamp

Last published at: August 31st, 2023