The Marin Social Asset Manager


The Marin Social Asset Manager allows you to quickly and easily manage your rich-media content to be used in ads, including both images and videos. You can access the Marin Social File Manager (outside of the Ads Creation workflow) anytime by simply clicking Config > Asset Manager

How It Works 

In previous versions of Marin Social, you were required to be in the creation workflow in order to upload images and videos, which some users found restrictive -- especially when uploading images in bulk at the beginning of the month, or when a new campaign was coming up and the designer had just given them all the creatives.

The Marin Social Asset Manager is super-simple to use, giving you an easy set of buttons which allow you to upload images or videos which can be used both by Facebook and Twitter.

Filtering In The Asset Manager 

To make finding the images you need even faster and easier, you can also use filters in the Asset Manager. You can choose to filter by Ratio (i.e. the aspect ratio of the image) or by DImension (i.e. the precise size of the image). 

Whenever you use the Asset Manager, whether directly or via the creation workflow, you'll see the filter drop-downs in the upper-right corner of the asset grid. Simply click either the Filter by Ratio or Filter by Dimension drop-down boxes to see the various filter options. You can clear your filters anytime and see all available files by clicking the Clear Filters button. Note: Filtering is currently only available for image assets, not videos. 

Important Notes 

Please bear in mind the following when working with the Asset Manager:

  • It's important to note that, due to a restriction in the Facebook API, the only option you'll see in the Actions column is to Preview the multimedia asset ('magnifying glass' icon). 
  • The images you upload via the Asset Manager are not specific to any media plan or publisher; they can be used across agency for both publishers.

Written by Marketing @ Marin Software

Last published at: May 3rd, 2023