Tagging Your Yandex Creative URLs

In order to track revenue at the keyword level using the platform and your Yandex publisher account, all creative URLs for Yandex need to be tagged with the following:


How To Set Up URL Tagging

You can set up the URL Builder and URL Autocorrect to have the platform automatically fix and push URL updates directly to Yandex.

You can view your current URL Builder settings within the Settings > URL Templates tab. URL Builder and URL Autocorrect work in a similar way to Google, but with the following differences:

  • Autocorrect and URL Builder for Yandex will only trigger if your publisher account is set to not retrieve conversions and revenue from the cost file (or no revenue from the cost file).
  • If Autocorrect is set to Warn, Marin will update the Suggested URL field for Yandex creatives only.
  • If you are using redirects, Autocorrect is not available (unless you are currently using the beta feature for Autocorrect Redirects).

Once you have altered the settings for URL Builder and/or URL Autocorrect, the platform will begin to build the correct URLs for your Yandex campaigns. 

Important Notes

  • When settings up URL Builder for Yandex, please make sure that you check the Build Creatives option. This is because Yandex only supports creative level URLs, and not keyword level URLs.

Written by Marketing @ Marin Software

Last published at: November 29th, 2023