Yandex Support

The following functionality is currently available for Yandex:

  • Nightly cost reporting at the keyword and creative level.
  • Revenue integration support for revenue upload (Yandex Metrika, DFA and Atlas). Note: Revenue reporting for Yandex is not supported for Marin Tracker and Google Analytics just yet.
  • Marin Bidding support for Yandex keywords.
  • URL Builder and URL Autocorrect support.
  • Bulk and multi-editing for keyword bids and creative URLs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below we'll address some common questions about our support for Yandex.

Yandex accounts must be linked via our Support team. Please contact your Customer Success representative to get started with linking in a Yandex account.

In What Currency Will The Cost Reports Be Reported?

Cost metrics can be the same currency as that of your Marin client account. If your Yandex account is set up in Yandex Units, the platform will convert your data using the conversion rates published by Yandex here.

Will The Cost Metrics Include VAT And Other Discounts?

If your Yandex account is set up in an international currency (i.e. not Yandex unites or Rubles), then the cost metrics reported in the application will be post the discount rate. If however, your Yandex account is in Yandex units, the cost data is pre-discount. VAT is not included or in the cost metrics reported. The application tries to stay consistent with what users see in the Yandex Direct application.

What Is The Fee For Bringing In Yandex Accounts In To The Platform?

Contact your Marin representative to understand the fees for linking in your Yandex spend.

My Campaigns Are Not Showing Up In Marin. Why?

Only campaigns that are actively receiving impressions can be synced down in to Marin. Make sure your campaigns are active and receiving impressions.

Can I Limit Which Yandex Campaigns Are Linked Into Marin?

At the moment, you cannot select which campaigns are linked into Marin. The application will automatically bring in any campaigns that have at least one impression for the date range you're requested cost reports.

How To Request Historical Cost Data For Yandex?

Contact your Marin Customer Success representative to fetch historical cost data for Yandex.

I Have Updated My Password In Yandex. How Do I Update It In The Marin platform To Reflect This Change?

Contact the Marin Customer Support team to assist you with the updating of the password in the Marin platform.

My Clicks And Impressions Don't Quite Match What I See In The Yandex Direct UI

Most issues are usually flagged in the cost download file that is generated each night for your Yandex account. That is the best place to look first. Navigate to the Activity Log and look for the most recent message called Updating campaigns: [Name of your Yandex account]. This Activity Log message contains a results file. Click on the link and download the file. The file contains a results column at the very right and will usually explain which rows failed and why. Some common issues that we know about:

  • Discrepant impressions and clicks are being attributed to 'additional relevant phrases' which is not supported in Marin.

I Have One Or More Active Campaigns That Are Not Showing Up In Marin.

Assuming the campaigns are active and receiving impressions, a common reason for this is that there already exists a campaign with the same name in this Yandex account. To verify this is the case, if you download then results file (see point above) and find an error message near all rows for this campaign saying Failed: Account already contains a campaign named. To fix this issue, rename the campaign to have a unique name and Marin will report on this campaign going forward.

I'm Receiving An Error Message When Trying To Access The Yandex API

If you are receiving an error message when trying to access the Yandex API, please review the error codes and potential solutions here. If further assistance is needed, please reach out to our Support team using the Contact Us button at the top of the page.


Written by Marketing @ Marin Software

Last published at: November 29th, 2023