Baidu Integrated Search Campaigns (整合型搜索推广)

Baidu upgraded Fengchao system to allow both PC and Mobile devices to be managed from the same search campaign, and automatically migrated all existing Fengchao campaigns to the new campaign format. For additional details, please see Baidu announcement at

New Functionality

  1. All campaigns automatically target both PC/Tablet and Mobile devices.
  2. New Mobile Bid Adjustment field at Campaign-level. This is a bid multiplicative factor, and may range from 0.10 - 10.00.
  3. Additional new Mobile Destination URL on Keywords.
  4. Additional new set of Mobile Display URL and Mobile Destination URL on Creatives.

Support For Integrated Campaigns

This table explains the limitations currently in place:



Campaign Mobile Bid Adjustment


Campaign Level Device Reporting


Mobile Preferred Creative


Keyword Mobile Destination URL


Creative Mobile Destination URL


Group Mobile Bid Adjustment


Group Level Device Reporting


URL Builder support for Mobile Dest. URL


Redirect Click Through URL support for Mobile Dest URL


Mobile Bid Adjustment Recommendations


Important Note About Revenue Upload

Clients uploading revenue in Overwrite mode should note to not upload any revenue data prior to the date of Integrated Campaigns support, July 11, 2014. If a client must upload historical data prior to that date, please zero out the revenue for device=other first, then upload the device level revenue data for that date

Important Note Regarding Bidding

Bidding for mobile-only campaigns is not supported. There are currently no plans to support bidding for campaigns that only target Mobile devices. Campaigns may artificially suppress PC impressions by setting Mobile Bid Adjustment factor to maximum value of 10, and setting Group and Keyword bids at 1/10 of desired value. This artificially suppresses chances of winning PC bids without affecting mobile bids. Such bidding setups are not supported by the platform.

Important Note For Clients Using Marin Tracker

For clients using Marin Tracker, the recommendation is to always tag URLs with device. The reason being that without a device tag, Inferred Device System (IDS) with Tracker will automatically detect and add tablet, mobile, and desktop device types to the revenue file. Since Baidu only reports cost as mobile or desktop, this will cause discrepancies between cost and revenue attribution to device.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Will The platform Report On Performance By Device?

Marin offers cost and revenue reporting by device at the campaign level. This requires clients to first enter a Mobile Destination URL for all keywords and creatives, and then tag their destination and mobile destination URLs either manually with a device type, or by using the ValueTrack parameter [device] through URL Builder. This value will then be resolved to the device when building the URLs for Destination and Mobile Destination URLs.

How Can I Assign Separate Desktop And Mobile Landing Pages?

Baidu does not support {ifmobile} {ifnotmobile} parameters. Instead, a separate landing page can be specified using the Mobile Destination URL. If the Mobile Destination URL is left blank, Baidu will use the Destination URL for both desktop and mobile traffic.

Important Notes

For keywords, if Destination URL and Mobile Destination URL are left blank, Baidu will use the creative level URLs.

When using redirects, there is a known issue that is preventing creative level URLs to be saved in single create/edit mode. Please use a bulk upload to edit the Click Through URLs in this case.

What Is The URL Format For Reporting By Device?

Since Baidu does not support the {device} parameter, you will need to manually add the device type into the Destination and Mobile Destination URLs. Use c for desktop and m for mobile.

Append the device type parameter as a new parameter. 

For example,  Destination URL: and Mobile Destination URL:

Append the device parameter to existing tracking parameter values. 

For example, Destination URL: and Mobile Destination URL:

Alternatively, you can use the [device] parameter to hard-code the value. URL Builder will automatically hard-code the [device] tracking parameter to 'c' in the Destination URL or 'm' in Mobile Destination URL

Do I Have To Re-Tag My URLs In Order To Migrate To Integrated Campaigns?

If you are not using Marin Tracker and have no need to report performance by device, there is no need to re-tag any URLs. Unlike the migration to Google’s Enhanced Campaigns, there are no sibling campaigns (campaigns with device specific targeting). All Baidu campaigns in the platform are already integrated from a device targeting standpoint. 

Will The platform Provide Initial Recommendations For Mobile Bid Adjustments?

The platform does not currently support recommendations for mobile bid adjustments, but this feature is planned for a future release.

Will I Have Historical Data By Device?

No historical device-level data will be available for any days prior to the date of release.

Written by Marketing @ Marin Software

Last published at: December 20th, 2023