Understanding Microsoft Advertising-Specific Bulk Upload Options

When uploading a bulk upload that includes only Microsoft Advertising keywords, you can use the following Microsoft Advertising specific parameters to set the bids by match type and the Microsoft Advertising parameters.

Note: These headers cannot be used with other publishers.

Microsoft Advertising Bulk Upload Headers

The following bulk upload column headers can be used specifically with Microsoft Advertising account bulk sheets. Don't know how to use bulk uploads? See the Useful Links section below to get started. 

  • [Broad_max_CPC]
  • [Exact_max_CPC]
  • [Phrase_max_CPC]
  • [Content_max_CPC]
  • [Microsoft Advertising_param1]
  • [Microsoft Advertising_param2]
  • [Microsoft Advertising_param3]

To learn more about bulk uploads, and how and where to use the column headers listed above, please read our help center article.

Written by Marketing @ Marin Software

Last published at: June 27th, 2023