Keyword Level Conversions Data Not Matching Creative Level Or Total Conversion Data

When using creative level tracking for Microsoft Advertising, you may notice that you miss keyword level revenue compared to the creative-level revenue and/or compared to the totals row in the Keywords tab.

What Causes The Issue?

This problem most commonly occurs when you use creative level tracking for Microsoft Advertising and have the {MatchType} parameter instead of {BidMatchType} for some, or all of your keywords.

This results in different figures being displayed in the keyword level revenue, and creates discrepancies between the keyword level revenue vs. the creative level and total revenue in the platform.

Microsoft Advertising populates the {MatchType} parameter with the Served, rather than Bidded match type. Therefore, it's possible that a keyword/match type pair does not exist within the group to attribute to.

For instance, if your group only contains broad match keywords, but a user searched for the exact keyword, it would be returned as "exact" when using the {MatchType} parameter. Therefore, we would not attribute to any keyword, since there is no exact match within that group.

How To Fix The Issue

You can update your URL Builder settings and update the URLs from {MatchType} to {BidMatchType}.

Written by Marketing @ Marin Software

Last published at: June 29th, 2023