Upgraded Google Ad Extensions

With Google's Upgraded Ad Extensions for sitelinks, calls, and app extensions, you can:

  • Show mobile-preferred messaging and phone numbers directly in your ad by choosing mobile preference or Mobile device targeting.
  • Add description lines for individual sitelinks to provide more information on each link.
  • Use ad group-level extensions to more precisely control which extensions show for each ad.
  • Schedule extensions to run on certain days or during specific times so you can align your ad extensions to your business hours.
  • Review detailed reports, such as performance for each individual sitelink to help you optimize for ROI.


  • Sitelinks must target All devices in order for the platform to sync them down. You can ensure this setting by going to the Ad extensions tab in Google Ads, viewing Sitelinks Extensions and choosing the radio button which says Show this extension on All devices.
  • App promotion ads (i.e. click-to-download ads) is currently not supported in the platform.
  • The feature currently only supports the scheduling of sitelinks by date, and not by time of day.

Changes From Legacy Version 

In addition to the new functionality described above, users can now share individual sitelinks across campaigns (and groups) which was not possible with legacy sitelinks.

How To Upgrade Your Ad Extensions 

Google auto-upgraded sitelinks, calls, and app extensions. Make sure all of your sitelink's link texts are at most 25 characters long and follow the unique sitelinks policy. Refer to this blog post for more information on auto-migration policies.

You may also choose to self-migrate your ad extensions. This article walks you through how to upgrade your ad extensions for each account.

Users are able to view and edit existing upgraded sitelinks or create new ones in the platform in our enhanced sitelinks user interface.

Please note that:

  • For campaigns that have only legacy sitelinks you will be able to see these sitelinks.
  • For campaigns that have some or only upgraded sitelinks, you will only see the upgraded sitelinks.
  • Editing or creating legacy sitelinks will not be allowed by Google for campaigns that are auto-upgraded.

To navigate to the sitelinks settings page for a campaign in the platform:

  1. Go to the Campaigns tab.
  2. Click into that campaign.
  3. Click on the Ad Extensions sub-tab.
  4. Choose Upgraded Sitelinks from the drop-down menu.
  5. Use the New Sitelink button to add new sitelinks to your campaign. Or, use the Add button to link an existing sitelink from another campaign. You can also edit different fields for each individual sitelink, by clicking on the sitelink. Fields include Link Text, Destination URLDevice Preference, and Start/End Dates.

At this time we don't support custom feeds created through the Google Ads API by a 3rd party. The platform will only sync down feeds that are created by Google.

Written by Marketing @ Marin Software

Last published at: June 27th, 2023