"No Data Available In Google Analytics"

You may notice that Google Analytics data does not download into the application for one or more profiles. When you click into the Activity Log ID for the corresponding Google Analytics Data Download and see the following error:

Error: No data available in Google Analytics for profiles [xxxxxxxx] for [xxxx-xx-xx-xxxx-xx-xx].


What Causes The Issue?

For free, standard accounts, Google Analytics processing latency is 24-48 hours.

Standard accounts that send more than 200,000 visits per day to Google Analytics will result in the reports being refreshed only once a day. This can delay updates to reports and metrics for up to two days. For more information on processing latency, please see this Google Help article.

How To Fix The Issue

We suggest moving your publisher client accounts to a timezone that is 2-3 hours behind to see if data pulled later in the morning is more accurate. This may not fully resolve the issue as the data displayed is dependent on when GA finishes processing. Please reach out to your account team to discuss this resolution option as it may have an impact on your bidding.

Written by Marketing @ Marin Software

Last published at: June 30th, 2023