“Invalid Targeting Spec: The Specified Targeting Spec Is Not Valid Because: Invalid Data For Field Custom_audiences.”


When syncing objects in the Marin Social platform, you may encounter the following sync error:

Invalid Targeting spec: The specified targeting spec is not valid because: Invalid data for field custom_audiences.”


What Causes The Issue? 

When trying to sync, Facebook returns this sync error message because the custom audience used in inclusion or in exclusion has been deleted. This can happen when using Saved Audience. 

How To Fix The Issue 

Navigate to the Mass Editor and remove the Custom Audiences that do not exist anymore.

If the campaign uses several Custom Audiences, please use this workflow to identify which Custom Audiences are causing the error:

  1. Enter a Media Plan 
  2. Navigate to the Audience tab 
  3. Enter the Custom Audience tab 
  4. Select the relevant Facebook Ad account 
  5. Click Refresh 
  6. Using the Search bar, look up each Custom Audience used in the campaign that can't sync 

If a Custom Audience does not appear in the list, it has been deleted.

Written by Marketing @ Marin Software

Last published at: June 1st, 2023