The Number of Metric Columns in Report Builder and the Exported Report Do Not Match

You add some new DOCL(Date of Click) or DOC(Date of Conversion) metric columns in your recurring report from the Report Templates, and it looks successful as you see all the newly added columns in the report settings preview. However, the exported report is missing the added columns and/or other columns such as Conversion Types and Conversions / Revenue columns with DOCL or DOC values.

What Causes The Issue?

This issue occurs because you can add both DOCL and DOC columns to the report in the report builder, but the platform does not support using both DOCL and DOC columns in the same report.

Here is an example situation: You see the DOCL view in the Keyword tab, go to the Report Templates without knowing that your view setting stays in DOCL, select a report which was previously made from DOC view, then add a Conversions / Revenue column to the report from DOCL metric columns.

Our Product team is actively working on the issue and we hope to have a fix soon. In the meantime, please follow the workaround in the next section.

Possible Workarounds

  1. If you add DOCL or DOC columns to your DOC or DOCL report template by mistake.
    We recommend creating a new report from scratch with the necessary columns included from the beginning.
  2. If you want to see DOCL and DOC columns in the same report.
    Unfortunately, you cannot include both DOCL or DOC columns in the same report. So if you want to see both DOCL and DOC columns, create two different reports, one for DOCL and one for DOC. We recommend deleting the original report and creating the other two reports from scratch.


Written by Marketing @ Marin Software

Last published at: June 29th, 2023