Creating a Report with Filters does Not Work

Even though you create a one-time or recurring report with filters, the actual report does not adhere to some or all of these filters, and shows all data instead of data for specific filtered campaigns.

What Causes The Issue?

This can happen if you are multi-tabbing or applying multiple filters and adjusting the grid at the same time. When you are applying your filters and clicking to view other grid pages, the filters do not get saved.

How To Fix The Issue

When creating your report, make sure that you make minimal movement within the grid. The best practice is to just bring in the required columns, apply the filters, apply the date range, and then create the report.

Additional Information

  • To see if your filters have been applied and saved for your report, you will notice these filters automatically generated within the Name of the report, when you click Create Report.
    • For example, you are in the Channels tab and apply the filters of Publisher = Google, and Impressions > 0. When you click Create Report, the automated value within the Name for this report will be: Client accounts (Google, Impr. greater than 0).
    • If these filters are missing in the automated generated name for the report, that means the filters did not get saved. If this happens, simply go back to your grid, reapply the filter, then this should show up in the automated name.
  • You can also see which filters are actually being used in the report. See under the Filters field located at the top of the report data. If you do not see your filter mentioned here, this specific filter was not saved.

Written by Marketing @ Marin Software

Last published at: June 29th, 2023