Optimization in Marin

Improving the return on your marketing investment is Marin's primary goal and Marin offers a range of AI-powered tools that help deliver peak performance your campaigns. Marin can help you:

It all begins with a Strategy

Optimization in Marin is built around Strategies. Once you have mapped your campaign to a strategy the first step is to set the Objective for the Strategy. Marin offers several Objectives, each with their own goal, constraint and impact.

Strategies offer a range of objectives to align with your goals.

Objective Target Constraint Impact
Max Revenue to ROAS ROAS   Keyword Bids
Max Conversions to CPA CPA   Keyword Bids
Awareness Targeting  n/a Impression Share
Pace to Spend Target n/a Spend Campaign Budgets, Bidding Targets
Maximize Conversions to Spend Target Max Conv. Spend Campaign Budgets, Bidding Targets
Maximize Revenue to ROAS Max Revenue ROAS Campaign Budgets, Bidding Targets

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Written by Marketing @ Marin Software

Last published at: May 15th, 2024