Bidding With Shopping Campaigns

Our automated bidding solution has the ability to optimize bids for Google and Microsoft Shopping campaigns. 

How Bidding Works For Shopping Campaigns

Bids are calculated at the product group-level for Google and Microsoft Shopping campaigns.

Bidding is very similar for product groups as it is for keywords and placements. Historical product group data and Strategy-level data (when needed) is combined with financial goals to calculate a bid. Data from search, display, and social ads in the same Strategy will not be used in Product Group bid calculations as the performance of these channels are inherently different.

Differences Between Bidding On Keywords And Bidding On Product Groups

First-page bidding will not apply to product groups.

Important Information

  • For the best results, we recommend that you not begin bidding on product groups until you have at least four weeks of historical data.
  • For Shopping Campaigns, bids are calculated at the product group level.

Additional Information

  • A single product group in a Strategy will calculate the same bid as a keyword or a placement with identical click and conversion data, with an exception when they are low volume. Tail product groups will share data across other tail product groups, while keywords will share data across other tail keywords within a Strategy. 
  • Marin will only calculate bids for product groups in Strategies that are either maximizing conversions to a CPA Target or maximizing revenue to a ROAS target.
  • Bids are calculated at the product group level. Bidding is almost identical for Product Groups as it is for keywords with the following exception:
    • Low volume product groups will have their data blended with the cluster data and have product group-level bids. However, please note that separate Strategy aggregates are built for keywords and product groups.
  • Product groups with fewer all-time clicks than the click threshold will only share data with other product groups.
  • There are no match types for product groups. Product groups in a Strategy using the boost by match type settings will default to the boost set for broad match.


Written by Marketing @ Marin Software

Last published at: June 27th, 2023