Linked Publisher Account(s) Not Showing Up In Marin

What Is The Issue?

You link a publisher account(s) to the platform but you cannot see the account(s) in the Publishers tab. Then you try to link the account(s) again, you may encounter this error message:

Account "xxx-xxx-xxxx" is already linked to this Customer.


What Causes The Issue?

The most common reason is that you checked the platform before the first nightly sync. When you create new accounts and campaigns, the campaigns will be visible in the platform after the first nightly sync.

How To Fix The Issue

This is expected behaviour, and this does not require a fix.

If this is not the case or you have more questions, please contact our Support team, who will be happy to help investigate.

Written by Marketing @ Marin Software

Last published at: January 18th, 2024