"Non Authorized Call From A Service Method (Get, Mutate Etc.)"

What Is The Issue?

When trying to send changes to Google from the platform when a user does not have sufficient access rights, you encounter the following error message:

Google: Error: non authorized call from a service method (Get, Mutate etc.)


What Causes The Issue?

This problem most commonly occurs when the Google Ads user account linked to the platform has read-only access rights (this setting will need to be modified within the Google Ads site, not within the platform). Or you may have another Google Ads issue, such as the user's email address is not verified.

How To Fix The Issue

You can simply give the Google Ads user Standard or Admin access rights. If amending the Google Ads user access rights does not fix the issue, please contact our Customer Support team, who will be happy to help investigate.

Note: Please ensure that the username used to link the account has write access to the Google Ads account. The username you log into the platform with does not have any effect on the API connection.

Written by Marketing @ Marin Software

Last published at: May 31st, 2023