Yahoo! Japan Advanced URLs: Frequently Asked Questions

This article will provide answers to some of the most common questions we receive about the migration to Yahoo! Japan Advanced URLs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Advanced URLs?

Upgraded URLs allow advertisers to separate tracking parameters on URLs from a single string into smaller building blocks. These URL components show what part of the URL is the specific page the ad will go to separated from the tracking information. Yahoo! Japan Advanced urls will use the same components as Google:

  1. Final URLs: A landing page / click-through URL.
  2. Tracking Templates: A template URL for tracking solutions and extra parameters.
  3. Custom Parameters: User-defined ValueTrack parameters.

How Are Yahoo! Japan Advanced URLs Different To The Google Equivalent?

Yahoo! Japan has designed Advanced URLs to be very similar to Google, leveraging the same components and many of the same workflows. platform support for both publishers will be similar.

Is There A Deadline For My Destination URLs To Be Migrated To Upgraded URLs?

Yahoo! Japan has committed that advertisers will be able to use Destination URLs by round mid of October 2016. However, they do not allow advertisers to create new Destination URLs through Yahoo! Japan UI on September 1st 2016. Advertisers can still create new Destination URLs through our platform by mid of October 2016.

Will URL Builder And Autocorrect Still Work For Yahoo! Japan?

URL Builder and Autocorrect will work the same way for Yahoo! Japan upgraded objects as it does currently for Google accounts. Prior to migrating to Advanced URLs, clients can continue to use URL Builder and Autocorrect for Destination URLs without interruption.

How Will Marin Offer Support For The Upgraded URL Migration?

As Advanced URLs support becomes available in the platform in late August 2016, we will offer best practices and self-migration guides that can be leveraged directly by clients. You will be able to transition to the new URL format at a time that works best for you and your business by leveraging this documentation.

Prior to this release, you will not be able to effectively manage your campaigns and ads in the Marin application. The platform’s bidirectional sync may bring in incomplete values like http: where ads, keywords, etc are using Tracking Templates and Landing Pages in the meantime.

We strongly recommend against moving any of your Yahoo! Japan campaigns to Advanced URLs before full support is available.

Can I Set Multiple Landing Page URLs?

Yes. You're able to create, edit, and view multiple Landing Page URLs, however you can only make changes to additional URLs from our platform. In order to add multiple URLs, you'll need to add the second URL with a semicolon just after the first URL. For example:;

Note that, when working from the Yahoo! Japan user interface directly, you will only be able to create, edit, and view the first URL, even if you have set up several URLs.

Written by Marketing @ Marin Software

Last published at: June 27th, 2023