URL Tracking


Keywords must have unique IDs for proper tracking of revenue/conversion events. Keyword IDs are stored as a parameter in the keyword-level destination URLs.

Keyword IDs

Our application uses the Tracking ID settings to extract the IDs from the destination URLs. Note: Customers using publisher tracking do not require keyword IDs.

For example, if using a parameter kwid to delimit keyword IDs, the following URL has a keyword ID of X1234:


If two or more keywords within the same ad group have the same Keyword ID, revenue will be attributed to the ad group rather than the keyword. This is supported under content distribution only; bidding on search distribution in the application requires keyword-level revenue and cost.

{Keyword} Parameter

A second approach to keyword IDs is to use the {keyword} parameter in the creative URL. This does not require a keyword-level destination URL so it can be used for landing page testing. There are limitations to using this approach, see creative-level destination URL for details.

Additional Resources

If there are any concerns about the uniqueness of keyword IDs, please contact our Customer Services team. As part of the onboarding process, we help review keyword sets to ensure that all active keywords have unique URLs.

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Last published at: June 9th, 2023