Sizmek SEM Connect Overview


There are more ways than ever to connect with your best customers. But leveraging more, disparate systems to do it is both hard and less effective. Sizmek SEM Connect integrates best-of-breed display and SEM data for a clear, holistic picture of how your campaign is performing across both channels, making it easy for you to make better decisions and spend wisely.

What Is Sizmek SEM Connect?

Sizmek SEM Connect enables you to track and analyze search engine campaigns by providing a seamless bridge between Sizmek and the Marin platform.

You can use Sizmek to analyze your search and display campaigns in one place and the users’ path to conversion. You can use Marin to create, manage, optimize and bid on your search campaigns. You will also find more granular search reporting in the Marin platform (i.e. sitelinks).

Key Integration Benefits:

  • Smarter, de-duplicated attribution across search and all your other digital channels with a single source of data.
  • Seamless search campaign management workflow in Marin for all Marin's supported Search Publishers
  • Supports reporting on either the last click or last event Sizmek attribution models in Marin
  • Supports Search Account, Campaign, Group, Keyword & Creative Reporting in Sizmek
  • Supports keeping objects in sync between the Marin and Sizmek platforms, via hourly operations.
  • Marin URL Autocorrect product support for URL management on sync.

How To Set Up The Integration

Ask your Marin Rep today about using Marin's integration with Sizmek SEM Connect.

Important Notes

Written by Marketing @ Marin Software

Last published at: June 9th, 2023