Google Search Ads 360 (DCM) Revenue Upload Process Frequently Asked Questions

Below you'll find some common questions that we receive from clients who use the third-party Search Ads 360 revenue integration. It may answer some questions of your own.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Is The Search Ads 360 Data Uploaded?

In case yesterday's data is not shown in the platform, please check that all required files from Search Ads 360 are available on the corresponding FTP server. If you can, please locate all required files on the FTP, then contact our Support team via our ticketing system for further assistance.

Is It Automated?

Yes, this process is fully automated.

Is There A Delay Between When The Search Ads 360 Data Is Available And When It's Pulled Into The platform? For Example, Would Data Be Uploaded In AU/NZ Time Before It Is In UK Time?

The platform receives a single custom report from Search Ads 360 daily which they automatically send to us via FTP. When we receive this file, we process the data and attribute the conversions and revenue to the correct keywords within the relevant account. The report we receive from Search Ads 360 is set to pull data for the account with the most Western timezone so we have a full day of data for all accounts and do not load partial data.

My Search Ads 360 Data Is Missing For Yesterday (Or Another Day) In The platform. Why?

There are various issues which can cause Search Ads 360 data delays (or no-shows) in the platform. For example:

  1. If Search Ads 360 revenue files are delivered late or not at all for a specific day, you can verify this by logging in to the platform-provided FTP location and checking if the file is missing.
  2. If Search Ads 360 files are delivered at the usual time, please raise a Support ticket and our team will help you resolve the issue.

Why Does The Revenue Data Keep Changing?

For each revenue upload operation, the previous two days data normally gets listed as well. As the revenue upload process is in overwrite mode, it is possible to see the data gets changed.

IS Search Ads 360 Data Based On Date Of Click Or Date Of Conversion?

Search Ads 360 data is based on date of conversion.

Written by Marketing @ Marin Software

Last published at: June 30th, 2023