Google Extended Metrics

Google Extended Metrics (GEM) allows you to import Google metrics such as Store Visits, Cross-Device Conversions, and more into Marin via Google Ads Query Language. This allows you to report on and optimize toward metrics typically only available in Google Ads.

Google Metrics

Using Google Extended Metrics, you can report on one or more of the metrics below.

  • Import from clicks
  • Calls from ads
  • Offers
  • Engagement ads
  • Store visits
  • Android in-app action
  • Android app install (from Google Play)
  • iOS in-app action
  • iOS app install (first open)
  • Mobile app
  • Android app install (first open)
  • Import from calls
  • Phone number clicks
  • Store sales (data partner)
  • Store sales (automated)
  • Google Play
  • Third-party app analytics
  • Google attribution
  • Store sales (direct upload)
  • Cross-device conversions
  • Custom conversion types

Next Steps

If you would like to report on any of the listed Google Extended Metrics, this will require an integration with our Professional Services team. Please reach out to a platform representative for next steps.


Written by Marketing @ Marin Software

Last published at: June 30th, 2023