Top Tips For Increasing Your Facebook Campaign Efficiency


When your cost per conversion or cost per click is higher than you’d like, consider these tips to optimize your campaign and increase efficiency.


If your cost per main KPI is too high, your bid type or amount may be to blame.

If you are bidding to optimize for conversions, consider optimizing for link clicks instead to catch customers earlier in the purchase funnel. This is especially effective if your conversion rate is high. If you are using Autobid, consider setting a numeric bid to drive CPA down.

If you’re achieving volume at or above desired levels, consider lowering your bid to increase efficiency.


If your ad is not driving conversions, try using custom and/or lookalike audiences to find consumers more likely to engage or convert. Marin Social offers various options for uploading and creating these audiences – find them in the Audience tab under Custom Audiences.

If you are targeting users based on interest and efficiency is low, test new interest clusters.


Effective creative is key to success on Facebook, so if you are not achieving desired efficiency, your creative may be to blame. Creative images should clearly communicate product features and benefits and should be visually compelling – the goal is to stop users from scrolling. For maximum impact, choose images featuring people making eye contact with the camera. Remember that Facebook guidelines restrict copy on images to no more than 20%.

If your CTR is high but conversion rate is low, examine your landing page to determine if there is an issue. Is the site user friendly? How many steps are involved in the conversion process? Does the product offered appear consistent with the Facebook ad?


There are many things to consider when optimizing a campaign for mobile app installs and/or app re-engagements.

If your campaign is not resulting in the desired number of installs, consider which operating system you are targeting – iOS, Android or both. It is typically useful to separate operating systems in to different ad sets so you can adjust bids individually – pricing tends to vary among operating systems.

If your app is bigger than 100MBs, consider targeting users connected to wifi as they are more likely to download a sizeable file.

Written by Marketing @ Marin Software

Last published at: May 4th, 2023