A-Z Sort & Searchable Drop-Downs


New selection menus make it easy for users to manage thousands of objects across Marin Social. Enter a few characters to filter for specific pages, places, macros, ad types, and more, or scroll through alphabetically-sorted lists to see your available objects and options.

Sort Objects Alphabetically

Selection menus across Marin Social are sorted alphabetically, making it easy to find a specific object or get a high-level view of your options.

The alphabetically-sorted macro selection menu.

Search & Filter Objects 

Enter a few keywords or characters and the selection menu will filter your list of objects or options in real-time. Items that contain the characters you've entered will be listed alphabetically, and the matching portions will be underlined. 

In this example, the selection menu is filtered to show all options containing the phrase "page". 

See It In Action

Written by Marketing @ Marin Software

Last published at: June 1st, 2023