Adjust bids based on keyword performance

The script automatically updates the bids of keywords to “Paused” if their performance crosses user-determined thresholds.

What can I do with this?

This script automates custom bidding adjustments based on business logic to complement Marin or Publisher Bidding.

How it works

The script compares current performance metrics to user-defined keyword performance targets and automatically pauses those that aren't meeting the targets.

  • It identifies keywords in different categories of campaigns based on campaign name (e.g. Brand, Competitor)
  • It adjusts bids based on recent cost per conversion



  • User must define logic in the code for the bid adjustments


  • See the code below for the required columns in the report


  • Adjust logic to meet your business needs



Written by Wes MacLaggan

Last published at: March 25th, 2024