Gemini Support

Gemini is a marketplace for mobile search and native advertising on Verizon’s owned and syndicated properties. With the performance and ease of search, combined with the scale and innovative canvas of native advertising, Gemini can deliver greater impact and performance for your business and brand.

The platform supports syncing down Search, Native, and Search & Native (Hybrid) campaigns with the campaign objectives, Visit Website and Promote Brand.

Summary Of Support

The following functionality is currently available with Gemini in the platform:

  • Nightly cost reporting at the keyword and creative level for both mobile search and native ads.
  • Support for Native, Search, and hybrid Native & Search campaigns.
  • Support for both Native Image ads and Native Video ads.
  • URL Builder and Autocorrect support (for keywords and creatives).
  • Ability to push bids for keywords and native groups via platform bidding tool.
  • Ability to manually edit URLs for creatives (bulk, multi, and single edit modes).
  • Ability to copy campaigns, groups, keywords, and creatives from Google to Gemini.
  • Single/Multi/Bulk edit of keyword and native group bids.
  • Bulk add/edit of search and native ads.
  • Ability to set up scheduled actions at the creative level. 

Note: Gemini Upgraded URLs are not yet supported in the Marin platform.

Marin Support Matrix

Below you'll find an easy-to-follow matrix outlining our full support of Gemini in the Marin platform:

Gemini and Marin: Feature Support Matrix : Sheet1

Feature Search Native
Cost Reporting Yes Yes
Publisher Conversions Yes Yes
Device Reporting Yes (Campaign and Group Level) No
Sitelinks No No
Shopping campaigns No No
URL Tagging and Management    
URL Builder Yes Yes
Autocorrect Yes Yes
Ability to manually edit URLs No Yes
Bid Management    
Manual edit of bids Yes (via bulk, multi, and single edit) Yes (via bulk, multi, and single edit)
Marin automated bidding to a financial goal Yes Yes
Marin automated bidding to a position goal Yes Yes
Campaign Management    
Cloning from Google to Gemini Yes Yes
Bulk Management No Yes
Scheduled Actions Yes (Creative level only) Yes (Creative level only)
Ad Creation (in bulk, add to existing campaigns) Yes Yes
Sitelinks No No
Shopping No No
Campaigns, Groups, Keywords, Ads Yes No
Sitelinks No N/A
Product Groups No N/A
Nightly Sync Yes Yes
Account Level Hard Sync Yes Yes

How To Set Up Gemini

In order to link in your Gemini account, please file a ticket or reach out to your platform representative. If your account has been previously linked and you would like to unlink it, you can unlink the account from the Publishers tab in the platform.

Viewing Gemini Campaigns In Marin 

At the moment, you cannot select which campaigns are linked into the platform. The platform will automatically bring in any campaigns from your Gemini account that have had at least one impression in the last 3 days.

If there are specific campaigns you'd like to unlink from the platform, the best way at present would be to move them to a different Gemini account.

Duplicate Campaign Names 

Gemini allows duplicate campaign names to be entered into the platform (after one has been deleted), however, this may generate the following error:  

Account already contains a campaign named: "XXXX".

When this happens, rename the affected campaigns within the Gemini platform such that you can preserve historical data for the deleted campaign. This should remove the error message the next time you sync the account structure or backfill data.

Campaign Type Support 

The platform supports bringing in SearchNative, and Search & Native (Hybrid) campaigns.

These will appear in the Network column of the main Campaigns grid as SearchContent, or Search, Content. You are able to view the spend for each type of Gemini campaign. 

Bidding Support For Gemini 

Gemini campaigns are supported by the platform's automated bidding solution. 

URL Tagging And Tracking

URL Builder currently supports the building and pushing of keyword and creative URLs. Bear in mind that within the Gemini platform, the keyword Destination URL is called the Landing URL. If your account is not set to use the same URL Builder settings across all publishers, then Gemini URL Builder settings are managed in the URL Template > Other tab of URL Builder.

Please note the platform currently only supports manual editing of creative URLs. To edit keyword URLs, please update URL Builder, then wait for Autocorrect to kick off (during the nightly sync for keywords with traffic). 

Important note: While the platform does bring in the keyword param1 field, URL Builder will not handle the {param1} value in the creative URL as it does for Microsoft, so we don't recommend that you set keyword-level tracking with param1.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below we'll address some common questions about our support for Gemini.

My Status field for Campaigns, Groups, Keywords does not get synced and edits in Marin do not get pushed to Gemini. Why?

The platform syncs the status for Campaigns, Groups, and Keywords, along with Campaign Budget. The platform currently does not support editing these Gemini objects, so any change made to these will not be pushed to Gemini.

Is there bulk management of Campaigns, Groups, or Keywords other than through the bulk passthrough option?

It is important to note that working in bulk with Gemini is very different to more prevalent publishers like Google. Unlike other publishers, Gemini groups, and keywords are not created locally in the platform. Rather, they are 'passed through' directly to the publisher via this bulk upload, then synced back to the platform during the nightly sync. Currently, bulk support for Gemini campaigns is not available -- campaign creation should be done within Gemini.

Creatives can be created and edited in bulk like other publishers. When adding creatives in bulk, these will be created locally in Marin before posting just as they are for Google and Microsoft. Editing Gemini creatives will not result in historical data being lost or a recreation of the edited Creative.

Is there a hard-sync option available?

The platform does support a hard sync (also known as manual sync) option within the platform.

This is an account-level sync that brings in Gemini campaigns objects which have not received any traffic for the current day. For active campaigns that are receiving traffic, these objects should be synced in with the nightly cost download. This sync will also trigger URL Autocorrect.

This sync is triggered by using the Sync Account option in the platform's Linking Wizard for a particular Gemini account.

When syncing down a campaign, be certain that the campaign structure as at least one group, one keyword, and one creative present, otherwise the campaign will not be brought into Marin during the hard sync process. 

Is there a Linking Wizard option for Gemini?

At this time, we do not have a Linking Wizard option for setting up your Gemini accounts. 

How to request historical cost data for Gemini?

Contact your Marin Customer Success representative to fetch historical cost data for Gemini.

My Campaigns are not showing up in the platform. Why?

Only campaigns that are actively receiving impressions are synced down during the nightly sync. If you have campaigns without traffic that need to be synced, please perform a hard-sync to bring these objects into the Marin platform. If URL Builder and Autocorrect are enabled, this process will kick off URL building.

Why is the description line 2 field populated when syncing Gemini creatives?

Gemini ads require the Sponsored By field so this value is synced into the platform as Description Line 2. 

Note: When using the Copy Tool to copy ads from Google to Gemini, the platform will take the Display URL and strip out the 'http://www.' so that it can be used as the Sponsored by field. This will allow the Sponsored by field to be cloned into the Description Line 2.

Important Notes 

  • Please be aware that there is a publisher-set API data lifespan limitation for Gemini of 400 days. Any data which is older than this is no longer stored on the publisher's side. 

Written by Marketing @ Marin Software

Last published at: December 20th, 2023