Missing Data For Yandex Remarketing Campaigns

You may notice that you are unable to access any data (such as impressions, clicks, and so on) for your Yandex Remarketing Campaigns within the Marin platform. 

What Causes The Issue?

At the present time, Marin does not support the Yandex Remarketing campaign type. While Marin does support Yandex campaigns, this specific type requires a keyword_ID, which we do not support at the moment. 

How To Fix The Issue

As this is expected behavior, there is no specific fix for this issue. However, our Product team are always growing our support for Yandex, so this feature will be added in a future release. 

Although we do not offer full support for Yandex Remarketing campaigns, revenue and conversions may still be attributed to the creatives in the campaign if you are using audience bid adjustments.

Written by Marketing @ Marin Software

Last published at: June 30th, 2023