"Must Specify One Of Search CPC, Placement CPC, Or Placement CPM.” (Google Only)

During a bulk upload, an object or objects fail and return this error message:

Error: Must specify one of Search CPC, Placement CPC, or Placement CPM.


What Causes The Issue?

Possible reasons for this error:

  1. You are attempting to edit or split a group or campaign that is using Google’s Conversion Optimizer.
  2. Bid amounts are set to zero.

How To Fix The Issue

Just follow these steps:

  1. If using Google’s Conversion Optimizer, you will need to implement a workaround in order for our system to sync with Google. This workaround is needed since our system requires a minimum bid to be made and currently does not sync with Google Optimizer bids.
    To do this, upload a temporary search bid and re-upload your bulk sheet. The search bid will be posted to the publisher where Google will change the bid back to 0 and the change will sync back to the platform.
  2. Specify a bid amount and re-upload.

Additional Information

  • For more information on Bulk Upload requirements, visit our Help article.
  • For more information on Bulk Upload editing and adding, visit our Help article.

Written by Marketing @ Marin Software

Last published at: June 30th, 2023