When uploading ad groups into the platform, you may encounter a variation of the following error messages within the Activity Log:

Error Error: GOOGLE, DUPLICATE_ADGROUP_NAME, operations[2].operand. name


What Causes The Issue?

This error occurs when the group names you are trying to upload already exist in Google Ads.

Please note this error is warning against potential duplication of the ad group at the publisher, if the job is pushed by the platform. The error does not mean there is a duplication issue in the platform.

How To Fix The Issue

Because the groups will have a Sync error status within the platform, please delete these from the platform (not Google Ads) so that they are removed.

Once the groups with the error are removed from the platform, perform a manual sync on those related campaigns. This manual sync will bring in the correct groups seen on the publisher’s end. You can then review the groups to ensure all changes are in sync and match between the platform and the publisher. After reviewing the groups, you can proceed with adding new objects.

Important Notes

  • Note that any keywords or creatives that were uploaded with the group will have to be re-uploaded following the removal of the groups and manual sync of the campaign.
  • Sometimes, child objects may fail in the Activity Log due to invalid parents. If this is case, simply resubmit the child cart ops.

Written by Marketing @ Marin Software

Last published at: June 30th, 2023