Deprecation Of Google's Accelerated Budget Delivery

Accelerated budget delivery is no longer be available for use with search campaigns, shopping campaigns, or shared budgets. Newly created budgets will be set to Standard and existing campaigns that are on an Accelerated budget will be automatically changed to Standard.


What Does This Mean For My Campaigns In Marin? 

After this change goes into effect, Marin customers will no longer be able to use the Accelerated delivery method setting on search campaigns, shopping campaigns, or shared budgets.

Any attempt to create or modify existing budgets will surface an error in the Activity Log. For campaigns that are already set to an accelerated budget, Google will automatically change the budget to Standard, and Marin will sync the change into the UI overnight. 

What’s The Difference Between Standard And Accelerated Budget? 

When you select Accelerated delivery, you tell Google to enter the ads within that campaign into every auction for which they’re eligible until your daily budget runs out. Alternatively, when you select Standard delivery, you tell Google to spread your budget out over the course of the day (or over the course of whatever period you’ve scheduled your ads to run). 

When advertisers want to ensure that ads are served as often as possible, especially in the early hours of the morning, marketers tended to choose to accelerate the delivery of the ads with an Accelerated budget. 

Why Is Google Making This Change? 

This change, alongside recent changes to phrase match and modified broad match keywords, and the release of Responsive Search Ads earlier this year, is in line with Google’s overall mission of enabling advertisers to trust Google’s ability to automatically recognize user intent. Simplifying settings and automating optimizations with its machine-learning algorithm will continue to be a huge focus for Google. 

“[Accelerated delivery] isn’t effective for campaigns that aren’t limited by budget. And for campaigns that are limited by budget, this method can increase CPCs due to increased competition early in the day, or unintentionally spend most of your budget in earlier time zones.”

Google also says standard delivery has been improved to be more predictive: 

“Standard delivery takes into account expected ad performance throughout the day and is better at maximizing performance within your daily budget.” 

Standard delivery will optimize your spend to be more reflective of targeted inventory user search (user searches for your products or services).

For more information on this change, check out Google’s dedicated blog post

Written by Marketing @ Marin Software

Last published at: June 27th, 2023