General Metrics Definitions For Facebook


In this article, we'll define some of the general metrics for Facebook accounts in Marin Social


In the table below you'll find definitions for the most commonly used general Facebook metrics.

CP Main KPI Cost per main Key Performance Indicator: cost you are paying for each action you have designated as your KPI CPE Cost per engagement: the average cost you've paid for each reaction, comment or share. CTR (Links) Link click-through rate, or CTR (Link), is the number of link clicks your ad received divided by the number of impressions for off-site destinations. Engagements The number of comments, reactions and shares on your ad

Imp. The number of times your ad was displayed. On mobile apps an ad is counted as served the first time it’s viewed. On all other Facebook interfaces, an ad is counted as served the first time it’s placed in a person’s News Feed or each time it’s placed in the right-hand column.
Reach The number of unique people who have seen your ad (same as unique impressions).
Clicks The number of times people have clicked on your ad. Clicks are the total number of clicks on your ad, including comments, likes, shares and link clicks.
CTR Click-Through Rate: Number of clicks your ad received divided by the number of impressions.
CPM Cost Per 1,000 Impressions: Average cost you’ve paid for 1,000 impressions of your ad.
CPC Cost Per Click: The average cost per click for ads, calculated as the amount spent divided by the number of clicks the ad received.
CVR Conversions Rate: The average number of times people liked your Page or Place, RSVPed to your event, took an action on your website or installed your app within 28 days of clicking on your ad.
Action The number of actions taken on your ad, Page, app or event after your ad was served to someone, even if they didn’t click on it. Actions include Page likes, app installs, conversions, event responses, and more. For example, 2 Page likes and 2 comments would be counted as 4 actions. Click the underlined Action value in your dashboard to see a breakdown of actions taken.
Revenue Revenue is the amount of money you have earned thanks to your ad campaign. // Or // The gross income from a business enterprise Facebook ad campaign
ROI Return on Investment: The return on revenue received for every dollar invested in an item or activity. In a marketing sense, knowing the ROI of your advertising and marketing campaigns helps you to identify which techniques are most effective in generating income for your business.

Written by Marketing @ Marin Software

Last published at: May 22nd, 2023