Missing Conversion Data in the Platform with Revenue Tracking Enabled

You may see either missing conversions, or no conversions at all, appearing in the platform. You may also be missing revenue files. This issue occurs despite revenue tracking being enabled and mapped correctly, URL Builder being set up, tracking IDs for parser being set up, and having active objects with impressions/clicks.

What Causes The Issue?

There are a number of potential causes for this problem. We'll outline some of the most common reasons below:

  1. Landing page URL with tracking parameters inserted NOT resolving correctly
    Even though all tracking parameters are inserted into the relevant destination URLs, on click, something in the page code strips the parameters and takes the user to the generic landing page.
  2. Internal redirects (sometimes called HTTP 302 redirects)
    These redirects can sometimes strip tracking parameters from Destination and Click Through URLs. If you think this is the case, please speak with your web development team to fix these redirects, or you can update Click Through URLs so that they lead to the "final" URL after the internal redirect.
  3. HTTP 301 redirects
    Tracking parameters are unable to be retained, when the landing page URL internally redirects to another page.
  4. Not having built Landing page URLs
  5. Conversion ID being different in the setting and thank-you page
  6. You have not opted in when using the Marin Tracker
  7. You have forgotten to traffic your URLs

How To Diagnose The Issue

Landing Page URL With Tracking Parameters Inserted Not Resolving Correctly

To check whether you have an issue with tracking parameters being stripped on click, simply click on one or more of your destination URLs within the platform. Once the landing page is loaded, look again at the address bar. If the tracking parameters have been stripped, you’ve found the issue.

Not Having Built Landing Page URLs

You can check this can by filtering on the destination URL column using one of the tracking parameters, for example, destination URL does not contain mkwid.

How To Fix The Issue

Because this problem is not specific to the platform, it cannot be solved within the platform. Rather, we recommend that you speak with your web development team and try to locate the code in your landing page that’s causing the removal of parameters. Once this code is altered or removed, conversion tracking should work as normal.

Conversion ID Being Different In The Setting And Thank-You Page

If this is the case, you can change the ID either at the platform conversion type setting or the thank-you page pixel itself.

You Have Not Opted In When Using The Marin Tracker

You can opt in the Marin Tracker by following these steps:

  1. Click the Settings link in the upper-right.
  2. Select the Revenue & Tracking.
  3. Click Marin Tracker > Marin Tracker Setup Page.
  4. Check the Use Marin Tracker box.
  5. Click the Save button.

Important Information About Conversion Types

If you are seeing conversions within any of the Conversion Types columns in the grid, but not in the totals columns (such as in the History grid), follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Settings section then click on the Revenue. Next click the Conversion Types.
  2. Double-click a conversion type you want to edit. Then use the Include in Total checkboxes to ensure that this data is counted in your totals columns.

Written by Marketing @ Marin Software

Last published at: January 5th, 2024