Marin Tracker's Sequence Conversions are Overcounting

When you use Marin Tracker and have multiple conversion types that work in a sequence, you may see a greater number of 2nd conversions than that of 1st conversions.

For example, you have these 2 types of conversions:

  • A 'start' conversion type as the 1st conversion.
  • A 'confirmation' conversion type as the 2nd conversion that should occur after the 'start' conversion type.

However, the 2nd conversion type shows more conversions than the 1st conversion type.

What Causes The Issue?

There can be many reasons why the 2nd conversion type shows more conversions than the 1st conversion type. Here are some examples:

  • You have left the orderID value in the Tracker conversion code as @ORDER-ID@ for both conversion types. This means the platform is deduping both conversion types and rolling it up into one conversion type.
  • A user does not always have to land on the first conversion type code to get to the second conversion type code. This depends on your website. If this is the case:
    1. The user can land on the first conversion type page.
    2. In the page the user's information is cached and stored.
    3. The user leaves the website.
    4. The user comes back to the website.
    5. As their information is stored from the first conversion type code, they can bypass this page and land straight on the second conversion type page.

      Note: We de-dupe conversions with an order ID only within the specified conversion window.
  • If your second conversion type is set to many-per-click, a user can go through the sequence, and then refresh/reload the second conversion type page multiple times. Since this second conversion type is set to many-per-click each refresh/reload would be counted.

How To Fix The Issue

If your case is the 1st example above and if the orderID value is not needed, simply leave this value as blank or take the line out.

Written by Marketing @ Marin Software

Last published at: June 28th, 2023