The Strategy Side Panel

Several locations through Marin leverage the Side Panel to access important settings details related to a particular object via an overlay pane, without ever having to navigate away from the tab where you're currently working. 

Marin's Strategies leverage this feature to allow you to adjust all of your important bidding decisions from a single location. In this article, we'll walk through the features that can be found in the Side Panel and provide links to dedicated articles about each feature.

To launch the Strategy Side Panel, double-click on the Strategy of your choice. The Side Panel will launch at the right-hand side of the screen.

Settings Tab 

The Strategy Side Panel has three tabs - the Settings taband the Revenue tab. You can toggle between these tabs at the top of the Side Panel. The first few features we'll discuss in this article can be found under the Settings tab. 


Campaigns within your Strategy share the same goal -- often referred to as your Targeting. This can be set when you create a new Strategy and updated periodically, as your business goals shift, to account for seasonality, or to better hit your goals.

Targeting can be edited from the first section in the Strategy Side Panel. To learn more about Targeting, check out our dedicated Strategies article.

Traffic Modes 

You can set your Strategy to two different modes:

  • Traffic
  • Preview, which calculates your bids, but does not traffic them to the publisher

You can adjust the Traffic Mode of your Strategy from the Traffic to Publisher section of the Strategy Side Panel. To learn more about Traffic Modes, check out the 'How to Edit Your Strategy' section of our Strategies article


Note: This feature is currently in beta testing. If you'd like to determine if your account is eligible to participate in the beta, please reach out to a platform representative. 

Boost is a bid multiplier applied to objects that live within a Strategy and can be used to control spend, volume, and efficiency. To learn more about Boost, check out the dedicated Boost section in our Rules article.


Bidding rules are applied to the bids calculated by Marin’s automated bidding algorithm in order to control or restrain bids based on your own business needs. They can be used to create a bid cap, a bid floor, a maximum bid change percentage and more, in order to make certain your Strategy meets your business' unique needs. Rules can be applied from the Rules section in the Strategy Side Panel. 

To learn more about using rules, check out our dedicated article.

Advanced Tab 

The next several features we'll discuss can be found under the Strategy Side Panel's Advanced tab. 

Revenue Event 

In the Revenue Event section, you can toggle your Strategy On or Off of Specify By Conversion Type bidding. This type of bidding lets you to improve your optimization by specifying a value for individual conversion types, which allows the bids to be based on the actual value each keyword is generating, rather than a blended average. 

To learn more about Specify By Conversion Type bidding, check out our dedicated article.

Excluded Dates 

Excluded Dates allow you to exclude click and conversion data for specified dates or date ranges from being used to calculate your bids. This is useful if there has been a period or day of unusual performance that would skew bid calculations (e.g. Black Friday sale), or if you have a data integrity issue such as unreliable or missing revenue data. This setting recognizes both past and future dates. Excluded Dates can be set up from the Excluded Dates section of the Strategy Side Panel. 

To learn more about using Excluded Dates, check out the dedicated section of our Rules article

Settings History Tab 

The final tab, the Settings History tab, shows you an audit log for the selected Strategy, including details and dates of all modifications made to the Strategy and the username of the person who performed the changes. 

Written by Marketing @ Marin Software

Last published at: January 18th, 2024