Pause Campaigns After Event Date Based on Name

The script automatically updates the status of advertising groups to “Paused” if their associated events are in the past.

What can I do with this?

This script helps advertisers with short-term campaign manage at scale. Eliminate wasted spend on past events.

  • Automate scheduling of promotional campaigns
  • Manage high-volume, short-term campaigns (e.g. ticket sales)
  • Set Event Date upon campaign creation

Google offers the ability to have a campaign end date, this script extends the capability to the group level.


How it works

The script parses the event date from the Group name. If the event it is the past, it paused the 

If all keywords in a campaign are losing, it will also recommend a new name for the campaign.



  • Group name has an event end date  in MM/DD/YYYY format at the end of the name


  • See the code below for the required columns in the report


  • Can be adjusted to pause campaigns in addition to group



Written by Wes MacLaggan

Last published at: May 5th, 2024